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Roulette / Jun 28, 2012
Okay, folks, a little project of mine has been under debate by the KIA and Agents here, and now we're putting it out there for a real test. Enjin is another guild site that I find really easy -even enjoyable- to maintain that's much easier on the eyes imo as well as easy to navigate. I've been fussing with it for a while now and though there's still a lot of forum and gallery stuff that would need to be moved over it's more or less good to go!

What does this mean? It means, my guildies, that we'd like your input! Do you have a preference for one or the other? Would you use the new one more, less, or the same? Tour both, look around, let us know what ya think! Should we move? Should we stay here?

There's no rush this time around, like when our last site fell out from under us. This is just an idea for making FHT's online presence more user friendly, visually appealing, and informative to new recruit sort of place!
Roulette / Jun 09, 2012
The screenie competition is still goin! Get your entries in before the last week of June! This month, the theme is FIRE! A subject very near and DEAR TO Rou's heart. ;) And prolly why she has an entry in already.

There's a pic folder in the media section for each contest for you to upload your entries! And if you want to get a jump start on July... the subject will be Pyrotechnics!
Brumley / May 28, 2012
I’m sure most of you have noticed our roster has gotten a little cluttered with inactive members. Well, after much deliberation among the officers, we’ve decided to do a roster clean-up wherein we will be removing certain people from the guild. Don’t worry! If you’re reading this message, you’re likely safe and sound. The only people that are being purged from our roster are:

1. Those that have not signed on for over a year without a heads up.
2. Alts that are unclaimed or unidentified (have a ??? next to the name)
3. Those that are not registered to the website and have not been online for six months or more without a heads up.

For more detail about this roster purge, see this post on The Boss’ Command Board.