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#5196071 Nov 08, 2011 at 07:00 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
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This is a very late …late introduction . . . mmm …HI!?
Well the this history starts long long time ago, when the almighty Blizzard thingy person god thing said “Let the Cataclysm forums be or something “ I started to lurk the site, you know for updates. One day I found a thread full of creativity, about the idea of having a Female Trade Prince for the bilgewater cartel, the rest is history (no way in the void I will explain all the crazy awesomeness that happen there).
I have been away for a while, a change of jobs and a terrible schedule and an awful workload. I’m still on a terrible schedule but my new job allow more idle time so I may not be online that much but you will see some things on the website (muhahaha muahahahahHAA …coughs )
You may know me as Donizzle he is a very cranky loner, warlock. As any of my characters he is somewhat a part of me. He represents my state of mind during my old job a year ago. When I try to create my goblin character I wanted to make him a lighthearted version of a villainous pimp like persona walking around the drag and the cleft of shadow with his succubus. What surprise when he created his own persona he became a bitter failure of a goblin that had suffer the abandon of his family and “friends” due to a busyness project going wrong (making counterfeit Feliron).
When his project loss financing he end up using his demons as employees but the conditions on which he made his experiments where so poor and accident was meant to happen half of his hideout blow up on his face and must of his left was burnt and contaminated with feltaint. For three days he remained unconscious and it seemed that no one will come to his aid. He survived by draining life from the roaches that try to eat flesh from his wounds. His only friend a previous bodyguard know only as Pipe bomb (if every turns out well you will know about her soon  ). Pull him from the ruins of his “lab”
Weeks before of the cataclysm Don was on the run, his old employers wanted to recover their “investment”. They didn’t stop with taking his possessions and destroying most of his investigation. They wanted to erase him from existence. Five days before the cataclysm he found the “mercy” of the Bilgewater Trade Prince, he was sold as an slave and was tied down on the cargo area by the time the majority of “the refugees” where load to the ship.

I have been working in something so stay tune to the forums if it works you will see more of it and then thE WORLD!!!!!!
#5201390 Nov 09, 2011 at 08:37 PM
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Howdy Don! Glad to hear you'll be around more! You actually haven't been missing too much; we're in a major slump right now, but we're working on major re-hall plans that will hopefully give us new life.

I've always loved Don's story, to be honest, since the day I first read it back in our awesome thread of epic awesomeness. I didn't know the part about the roaches though - that's pretty brilliant, both on yours and Don's part.
#5205009 Nov 10, 2011 at 03:02 PM
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Thrilled to see you back, Don! :D And yeah, RL has eaten up a lot of folks, it happens. Welcome back and looking forward to more awesome Lock shinannigans!
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