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I just realized I'm yet to post links to all the archived fan fiction the Trade Princess Movement has accumulated over the years. So, I decided to put them all here. For starters, here are the first two volumes of The Tallest Chronicles - an anthology of the original 391 page thread that created our movement. Each volume contains 100 pages of the thread (please note that they will not display in your browser. You must click "Download" and save the MS word document to your computer to view it, as the files are so tremendously large).

Volume 1 - Pages 1 - 100
Volume 2 - Pages 101 - 200

Most importantly, here is the original novel-length tale of Mida Silvertongue and her escape from Kezan. The first four chapters have been re-written post Cataclysm (but still pre-date the lore information on Gallywix, sadly), while all the others are yet to be updated (Example: They still say "Maldy" instead of "Gallywix"). The original Story is called "Bilgewater - The Survivors of Kezan," while the updated story is "Silvertongue," but they're really the same story, just one is refurbished (to make it easier on the eyes, be sure to click the little paragraph symbol in the upper-right hand corner, just to the left of the "download" button to add a proper indention at each paragraph).

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 (NEW! 10-1-11)
Chapter 6 (NEW! 10-1-11)

Bilgewater - The Survivors of Kezan
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8a
Chapter 8b
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 (this chapter is where things start getting REALLY out of date, as I was speculating what everything on the leaked map of the Lost Isles could possibly be)
Chapter 13

Sadly, I did not finish the story due to release of the live game. It is, however, still very much on my to-do list to go back and finish writing it as "Silvertongue!"

This next piece is the earliest every "biography" of Her Tallest's life, written only three months after the inception of the movement.

A Brief Biography of Her Tallest

The rest of my Trade Princess Movement Fan Fiction:

Trade Prince Election 2010 - This story, one of the older ones I wrote, isn't exactly "canon" to the Mida storyline. It is, however, the piece that contains the character I often tote as possible inspiration for Uncle Bedlam, perhaps indicating he's on our side!

The Spark - This is "part 1" of the very short series that introduces the KIA (Brumley, Snuffit, and Roulette) to Boss Mida, Kazit, Janx, and the rest of our movement's founders. Sadly, with the loss of our last website, two installments of this five-part series were lost, but here's what's been salvaged thus far.

The Powder Keg - Part 2 of the above story

Brumley and Janx - Part 3.3 to the above story.

By Decree of the Bilgewater - The goblin declaration of independence from Trade Prince Gallywix.

The Brusier and the Bard (part 1) - This is the story that introduces my "main" character, Isvalbard, into the Trade Princess Movement after I race changed her to a goblin. Formerly she was known as Denebvir the male blood elf priest.

The Bruiser and the Bard (part 2) - The finale to the above story.

All other listed works here are NOT MINE, but were written for our movement and the authors, sadly, are no longer with us, so I've taken the liberty of posting them on their behalf.

Scheduling - By Snuffit (originally Dartertrick / Dziewanna)

Golden Opportunity - By Azhurdan (originally Venthos)

Untitled Work 1 - Written by Holsteen of the server Thunderhorn

Untitled Work 2 - Written by Soterios of the server Kirin Tor
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