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#4667091 Jul 18, 2011 at 02:40 PM
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A lot of folks forget to use the IC channel! /join FHT It's a radio station that allows members of the revolution to communicate with each other! Sometimes when there's a patch or maintenance everyone has to rejoin the channel so it's good to keep an eye on that!

Don't be afraid to start storylines! Members of FHT don't complain about a lack of RP. They make RP happen. A few guidelines to keep in mind -

NPC guards are treated as real 'threats'. Basically, characters should always act as if consequences are a real possibility for any given act. That's part of the fun!

Boss Mida distances herself and the movement from acts of terrorism for practical political reasons. Any act of terrorism toward fellow members of the Horde will not be backed by Boss Mida. For example, attempted Gallywix assassinations. Unofficially you're welcome to try but when you're busted you're on your own!

Members of the Compass within the guild are Druids and Sunwalkers - usually new to the craft- who've volunteered to assist/keep an eye on/etc the Goblins. This is a good in for Tauren and Troll alts! Stories revolving around these novices learning and growing both in their class arts and in diplomacy are certainly welcome!

In general, Gob alts are an auto in to the guild because we trust you to follow the rules etc. Non-Goblins need good RP reasons to be in the Guild. Strong sympathies, Compass members, possibly business partners... talk to your guildies to help brainstorm a way in for your Belves, Orcs, and so forth!

Random RP and premeditated RP are both excellent things! There's lots of room for creativity within the lore and members are encouraged to have fun with it!

Use the forums! Storytelling on the forums together is a good way to get around different schedules and also to brainstorm for in game RP!

Questions? More tips? Post away!

#4669145 Jul 18, 2011 at 11:46 PM
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As far as roleplaying goblin personalities go, don't be afraid to shake up their reasoning for doing things! Especially with all they've been put through, the Bilgewater Cartel should know full well that money won't save you from everything. It's important, let's not be stupid, but there may be greater motivation for doing what you do.

For example, my goblin Minzel Scrollspark was never a rich person. In a world of technology and hands-on stuff, hardly anybody is interested in magic and ancient languages. That was the Scrollspark family business. It didn't generate much profit, but there was always that chance that you could make a good connection with the outside world beyond Kezan. As the old saying goes, "knowledge is power," and that was true for the Scrollspark family. Once the events of the Lost Isles played out, they were thirsting for a way to get back at Gallywix and they found it in various magical practices. Better yourself, and better those around you.

That's what it could be about, and monetary wealth seems pretty useless when it can't blow up that monster charging your way.
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Also...not every Goblin in the Guild has to be a fanatical supporter of Boss could be more of a...relationship of convenience (..right), take my goblin Gazeel Wrenchblade, he got into the movement because he saw something in it for him, freedom ( which is a major motivation for him) but if she stops offering what he wants he is outta there..
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Awesome tips, guys!

Yes, motivations will definitely vary! We all know the culture and situation the Bilgewater Gobs come from, but their personalities and individual takes on things is what gives each character flavor.

Even if a character keeps certain things to themselves, the more YOU as the player know about them it'll flesh them out more and add depth.
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