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For Her Tallest RP Guidelines

As stated in the FAQ, we are a lore compliant RP guild. The reputation and quality of the RP community matter to us, which is why we’ve set up a number of things as we have. Here’s a stated list of rules so you know some of the things we’re looking for in applications and our members.

1. Number one, most importantly; no one’s back story can be the same as the in-game goblin starting zone. While the starting zone is fun and gives a wonderful glimpse into goblin culture and behavior, the story is terrible. It sets characters up as Mary Sues, and gives every goblin the exact same back story. We can’t all be former Presidents of KTC, therefore, no one can be. If you’re going to have a story, we require that it be independent of the starting zone.

2. On that note, we avoid blatant Sueism as much as possible. A Mary Sue is a “perfect,” or “flawless” character, with extremely above-average skills, strengths, abilities, talents, etc. We do not accept characters greater than major lore characters (richer than Gallywix, more in-tune with the elements than Thrall, was the one really destined to be the next Lich King, etc.). We also do not accept characters closely related to major lore or in-game characters (sibling, descendant, brother, spouse, best friend, etc.). If your story is too much along these lines, and you are not willing to change it when asked, your odds of being accepted into the guild could easily be jeopardized.

3. For the third time, we are a lore-compliant guild. All stories are required to be lore-compliant. Stretching the lore in small ways here and there may be acceptable in rare occasions, but for the most part, lore is law.

4. We do expect, and require, members to be familiar with the Trade Princess Movement! If you’re not, see the sticky The Trade Princess Movement and click the links to see the WoWwiki or WoWpedia pages (whichever’s your fancy), or WoW Insider about us. Even though the old Cataclysm forums are down, you can download the first 100 pages of the original thread that started all of this! Keep these resources in mind before applying! While we do a lot of different stuff, our guild’s main theme of supporting Boss Mida is what it’s all about.

5. We encourage, but do not require, our members use RP flag addons such as FlagRSP or MyRoleplay. With them, new roleplayers can flag themselves as Beginners. People outside the guild are more forgiving of those trying to learn and we do encourage new RPers. Most of all, though, it also helps flesh out your character and takes the pressure off so that you know who’s looking for interaction and who isn’t. Besides, when you just want to play the game, you can flag yourself OOC so people know you’re not roleplaying.

6. New RPers, please don’t be afraid to ask questions! Our members are fairly well-read when it comes to lore, and many are RP veterans! We’re all here to improve and learn together and foster a friendly, productive RP environment.

7. Guild chat, for RP purposes, is an IC radio frequency. Please treat it as such! You can use whatever sort of gadget your goblin can come up with communicate through it!

8. For those recruited ICly, you still must fill out an application. There are no exceptions to this rule.

9. No RPing in PUGs! Dungeon RP is ONLY appropriate if it’s an all guild run and everyone has agreed upon it beforehand. Keep in mind that random dungeon groups are from various servers, many of which are not RP servers. Then it’s just awkward and gives them an excuse to be annoyed with the RP community.

10. Always use ((these double-brackets)) when speaking OOC in /say. This speech command is for IC interactions on an RP server. For example: ((Afk a sec, girlfriend agro)).

11. Ain’t no RP if ya don’t start none RP! Members of For Her Tallest, don’t sit around whining that there’s no RP going on! We make it happen! If the guild is having a sleepy day or working on other things and you’re itching for RP, try starting discussion on the IC channel or run your errands IC in a city and see who bites. There’s no excuse to be bored!
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