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((Before the Cataclysm, our Gobs had lives. Jobs, pasts, familes, drama, schooling, hit and runs, you name it! So the Blast from the Past Open RP places are set up to explore some of that via interactive RP!

Maybe our characters bumped into each other way back when. Maybe they just missed each other by a few seconds. Maybe they did business. Feel free to start a BftP thread of any place in Kezan you like!

This one is of Rou's favorite haunt back in the day, The Golden Goggles Casino.))

The Golden Goggles is a popular place to go and lose money in the hopes of gaining more. It's bright, gaudy, loud, and most importantly the drinks are free. A big place with tables for different games it also sports lines of clunky slot machines that often required a beating to get them to work properly. A piano and stage near the open bar are set up for live entertainment and the local arts community takes great advantage of said stage.

The casino is located near bohemian artsy lofts and a number of cafes, shops, and a tiny museum. Due to the many artists in the neighborhood all of these buildings are literally covered with graffiti of varying quality. In the same breath you might chat up a wealthy mogul and a back alley prostitute. Patrons come from all walks of life though most do try and dress up for the occasion.
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