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lol, yeah. I'm definitely glad I don't have five Pandaren clogging up the system anymore... >.>

And that would be lovely! A hunter Naga... I like it. And that would be perfect for your first main to be your favorite race! :> Plus, you need to have many many Naga. So Kahani will become your main again, and you will have legions. /nods
I swear, if Harpies ever become a playable race (yeah right, I know, pretty impossible) I will be SO HAPPY. I will roll like, twenty.

And aww, that's awesome! And something about the steadiness of the Tauren with the wildness of trolls just works for me. But who knows who Katchina will end up with? /shrugs. And yeah, Goblins are just ... To use Katchina's words- "Dey be short, mon. Ain't no way dey me able ta satisfy a woman like me."

Yeah, I don't even... /throws hands in the air

Apparently Katchina likes double-speak and vague sexual references to snicker at.

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Oh, naturally I'll have more than one when the time comes! ESPECIALLY if they get Druid! omgomgomgomg.... I'm not sure if even Kahani Naga can knock Rou off the top spot though... she's just so... Rou... and loud! XD

Honestly... Gobs are WAY up there on my j'adore list since they became playable. I never thought anything could compete wit mah Trolls but... omg. The look, the animations, the attitude, the steampunkness, all of it... just... so much love... Hell, I might have to roll Peltpeddle anyway! Alt-itis... it's a helluva drug. Gobs, Trolls, and Naga <3 With Orcs, Dwarves and Draenei a REALLY close second.

I think with Trolls and Tauren it's also that connection to nature. Which is why I think Trolls got Druid in the end (yays!). It's a different vibe and terminology, but they're both very spiritual and nature oriented. There's a part of Tandava that would love to curl up and go to sleep with a Tauren in a very platonic way. It'd just feel safe and comfortable, she imagines.

Svarga totally guffawed at Kachina there in agreement XD I'm still trying to work out where that Orc is on the Kinsey scale though, I'm really not sure.

BTW, OMG, Tandava.... LOVES this song. It made her get all teary eyed and reverent....
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Yes, Rou will not be put aside! XD I discover that I alternate too often to have a official main, but Katchina is definitely going to join the ranks of a favorite. I have always loved fist-fighting classes, so that + troll + spirituality + silliness of Brewmaster spec means love. <3

And I am surprised by how much I love Goblins, to be honest. I am not really into Steam Punk (I like the look, but I have never been interested in Victorian times as much), I don't like bitter, jaded outlooks, and yet... I think it is their trickster aspect that makes me love 'em. Just win. <3 You gotta love a race that will blow themselves up for fun!

Agreed on the connected to nature front. I was thinking about it the other day, but out of the original races if they were to be expressed on Azeroth: Tauren; Earth/Rock, Trolls; Animals, Night Elves; Plants. So I love trolls because they have that feral, wild edge that I just adore. I feel like they are more natural, and far more Fae-like (going by the old myths and fairy tales) then the Night Elves and Blood Elves. So the steadiness of Earth just works with the Tauren, how zen they are, and why they are so trustworthy. (I think Katchina actually might find them a little boring, but that depends on the Tauren. XD) Dzie'wanna the Orc always feels safe around them though, so she agrees with Tandava. :>

Hmm... I had to re-orient some of mine recently. Higgle informed me that she straight-up likes girls, and doesn't find guys attractive at all. Snuffit is pretty much straight, and with Sinkalip it's not that he is in the middle but prefers guys, he just prefers specific attributes- scars and muscles. Which are mostly found in guys. Katchina... I get the impression she is mostly straight, but is up for finding love anywhere. Bi-romantic I think is the term? More attracted to personalities then looks in general. (Although she does have some physical standards, as seen with the Goblins.)


I'm still feeling Katchina out.

I have also been debating race-changing Higgle down the road, simply because I feel her story is best done writing stuff down. If I ever do do it, it won't be for awhile and after the Compass is running smoothly (by her standards), but I sometimes get frustrated when I RP her because about 90% of her stuff goes on underneath the surface in a very non-visible way. Snuffit at least has tells! /throws hands in the air

It would also give me the excuse to roll Natspy as well... gotta have at leas two goblins. ;) And Natspy would be far more active. I don't know, just tossin' things around.
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Goblins contain so much that I adore in one adorable little package. <3 They'll always be a priority for me! XD As are Trolls <3 I need at least one of each of my favorite races! I'm pretty much covered playable race wise except for Dwarf... but omg, I have an idea, damn alt-itis!

So, just thinkin "outloud" here...

Okay, so Shaark's thread about being an albino and the pale Belf with pale hair saying she was a REAL albino had me playing around with the character creator. And it occurred to me that this look is PERFECT for a Blodeuwedd, which is always what I name my failed Dwarf attempts :P I just love the myth so much, as an adorer of barn owls. Also the name is never taken, lol. And it's Welsh so better suited to Dwarves then my other ideas. Which made me realize... I should use the mood of that myth as more inspiration! What can I say, I'm a sucker for tragic mythic figures like that...

So, I'm thinking less the story of the myth but the darker mood of it. And maybe some redemption cause, like with Medusa, I think the "punishment" is a beautiful creature! And I have always wanted to do the Twilight Cultist but could never wrap my head around how to play it... so what about a recovering Twilight Cultist? Who got out? Maybe Dark Iron... not sure... Moira's such a hot mess XD

Super torn on class though...

Warlock - I have one, but hey, I have tons of Hunters so... and they're rare, something hard to find would be fun and helpful for other people's achievs. Maybe Afflic...
Shaman - Dwarf totems aren't nifty enough, I think, for me to go Shammy on them... If I can't lvl a Troll shammy a Dwarf prolly doesn't stand a chance. Still, love the lore possibilities there
Shadow Priest- Maybe!! Course, Anukaar... someday, maybe... But gah, so much coolness to play with! Also, Shadow Form may mask the jiggle physics for me >_> Also, could be perfect for redemption story...
Rogue - Rare so helpful for achievs, also fun to play though I am already lvling one now and no race's stealth can compare to a GOB!
Warrior - haven't played one in a while! And female warriors rock! But... plate armor jiggle bothers me... a LOT... and on Dwarves, it's the worst...
Monk - :o Course, I'll already be lvling one and it seems unnatural to make a Dwarf Monk NOT a Brewmaster somehow...

*messes around with character creation and Machinima Studio* Hmm.... decisions....

.....What were we talking about? Oh yeah Kinsey! LOL! Yeah, Svarga... I'm thinkin personality can sway her gender wise, but she definitely doesn't want anybody who seems "breakable". If she thinks she can break em in half over her knee, then no XD But she seems to be leaning towards the ladies. Not a full out 6, but leaning after flipping through the randomizer. Maybe a 4 or 5.

EDIT: OMG Blodeuwedd AND Tytonidae is taken on WRA :\ Wow... huh... well, I can either roll her as Blod on MG or figure out another barn owlish name... Hmm... Running out of room on WRA... but... Tytonida is pretty cool....

EDIT Again: Whelp, Strigine Metalshriek has been rolled. And I officially have no more room on WRA without deleting somebody. >_> Things ain't lookin good for my bank alt, awesome blue undead Tauren that she is.
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\o/ And I saw you rolled a priest! Awesome, I was actually going to suggest going the shadow route. Plus- with the redemption story you can have her switch to holy or disc and save Shadow as primary for Anukaar! :D

I have been wanting to roll a Dwarf named Huldra forever, and your thread has got me thinking again... /fiddles with a dwarf mage, and sighs.

I might not stick with her, but we'll see. I might stick with her until the dwarven updates, since I actually have 4 slots open right now after my purge of alts. I have always loved the myth of the Huldr Folk, sooo. :3

I love the myth, it's so sad. :( Have you ever heard the song Medusa by Heather Dale? It is pretty amazing in it's own way. Not as musically brilliant as a lot of pieces, but the emotion and lyrics are cool.

/goes to fiddle around with alts

...I'm going to have to delete the gnome dk placeholder I had. Frick.

But Svarga sounds like she will be a blast alongside Katchina. I can just see them checking people out in bars. XD
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You know, Svarga loves chillin with Trolls and Goblins. They're fun! She and Katchina will totally have a blast XD That's part of her sadness and frustration with the rift Garrosh's rule has driven between Orcs and... well, everybody. *:|


I had to look up Huldra because I don't know Scandinavian mythology all that well but I knew it sounded familiar! Most everything I know that's Scandinavian I know from Humon XD

I also learned that there is a Huldra movie in the works! :O

That Medusa song is beautiful! I have such a weakness for sympathetic "monsters". I can relate to it on some level, that feeling of being treated with suspicion based on assumptions or rather than actually knowing the circumstances and what's inside, you know? So my heart goes out to "monsters", always.

That's very much an undertone in a lot of my work, my characters, etc. It's part of why I love the Horde. And why my Allies include a cursed Gilnean and a recovering Dark Iron cultist. Warlock, rogue, scarred up Druid learning how to work with the people who practically destroyed her...

Hell, even Svarga's an underdog in that so many people just... HATE Orcs right now. And she gets why! "BUT I'M COOL!"

*hugs all the Underdogs*

Sympathy, man. I SO need to sympathize with a character to some degree to play them. I'm just much more keen to play a perceived villain than an actual one!
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I love that Elf People line-up! I will say that in a couple of the tales that were in the book my Swedish Grandmother gave me (oh, and this is part of the whole reason I want that Scandinavian Troll Cross on my back. XD) the human and huldra would get fall in love and get married (so the guy wasn't a dead man walking all the time...), but when they got married the Huldra would lose her beauty. One of my favorite myths was that there once was a Huldra that was being neglected by her husband, so she reached into the fire, grabbed a steel bar, and with her bare hands bent it into a circle! XD Needless to say, the husband started treating her better after that.

And yeah, I know what you mean about the song. Even though many of my other realizations have been made recently, I have always been awkward and weird, and have always asked too many questions, so I identify with the song so much. 'As if god loved the pretty ones best' is a line I tend to spit out when I sing along to it. Becuase back in Huntsville, we ALL should wear cute little clothes and have cute little nails and have cute little pony tails and talk about boys and sucky teachers, tee-hee! (Yes, that was my experience. I never worked to fit in myself, but when I finally said 'screw it' you should have seen their faces when I walked in with armsocks and bright green nail polish.) And if you looked different and didn't want to be a housewife, well, were you ok with God? /concerned face

...Yeeeaaaah. I, I am kida going out of my way to avoid touching foot in Alabama during my road trip more than I have to. To say I still have issues is putting it lightly.

Underdogs, you gotta love 'em. <3 I love the monster aspect, I never realized that about your characters but it makes sense! I think Huldra is going to be my most normal toon if I stick with her, but I think there is always a element of the freak in all my toons. Snuffit with her obsession about Archeology, Sinkalip with the way he acts period, and Trushul with his, well, Trushul-ness. ;)

And I so agree. If I don't sympathize I just can't connect with them.
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I figured you'd dig the Huldra art! XD That's so awesome! Now see, those are Elves I can get into! Prolly cause they have the misunderstood monster aspect I love so much. <3

An element of freakishness is always a bonus. <3 It's the normal people that scare me... frankly, I'm not sure they actually exist. The more normal someone seems the more weird they're probably hiding. ;)

Have you heard of The Shy Creatures by David Mack? I have it as part of his Kabuki: The Alchemy (which, omg, so inspirational...) but not as the actual seperate children's book, though I want to get my hands on it for my niece who's painfully shy. It's an adorable children's book about a shy girl who wants to become a vet to all the shy creatures aka monsters and mythical beings. <3 SO cute. And something I think most of us weirdos can relate to. ;)

I've always kind of lived on my own little world. My little sister told me people actually picked on her in school because of me being such a weirdo but if they picked on me directly, I never noticed. I knew I was different and spent my lunches reading (a couple of girls actually came over once to "cheer me up" because clearly reading a book that big must be a sign of depression, lol) but I never really thought anyone cared. When those realities hit me later, and more to my face, it was a bit of a shock! So... I never fit in either, it just took me longer to realize it I guess? Lots of behind my back stuff. Oh, good times. :P

I'd avoid Alabama too! My grandma's a southern belle and, eh, yeah. /dreams of moving to the Northwest one day, le sigh! Oh Portlandia... ;)

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Yep, very much so. They are very cool, I just adore them. Sadly, Huldra the dwarf is faltering again. I think I will save her just in case, and if the dwarven revamp is done well, so we will see.

And yeah, /agreed. XD And normal people, the few times I have met them, scare me in the 'aaarghhh they always look at me weird when I say something off-beat! Like they are shocked! FLEEEEE.' way.

And no, but I am so going to check it out now. /writes it down

And same here, I really didn't start picking up on things until I was 15/16. I mean, I knew that it was incredibly hard for me to make friends, and I didn't know why, but that was about all that I was aware of. I think the only reason my siblings weren't picked on is because my older brother is a 6'4 Hockey Player who at 14 was being called a fox by girls four years older than him, and my little sis was a pretty ballerina diva who would chew out anyone and ruin their life if they messed with me. (She is really sweet, but she is also a complete Bitch, and proud of it. She will call herself that with a wide grin.) And ah, the 'you're quiet and reading so there must be something wrooong!' thing. XD I dealt with that many a time.

Yeah, my memories of Alabama... Well, to summarize, when I left the volunteer group at my church of which I was a part of for years that was High schoolers helping with the middle school programs threw me a surprise party and gave me a Bible. The Bible was a great edition with them all writing little notes in them about how 'brilliant and sweet!' I was. And how they 'wished they had time to get to know me more!' (despite that I had been in the same groups as them for about 8 years.). I stared at them, and just started laughing at how insincere it all was. :/ If they really liked me, they wouldn't have gone out of their way to avoid me and roll their eyes at me. The only reason I am keeping that Bible is for if by a chance I ever become famous and write a biography, I want to mention those exact notes.

ISSUES! /jazz hands

Anyway, onto happier things- I am probably going to level Katchina first and foremost when Mop hits, and she will be awesome. <3 Plus, bonus of getting out of the main traffic area! Depending on how things go, I might meld her idea with my Pandaren Wanderer and have Katchina roam the world in search of finding herslef/shaking herself up. Still debating.
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Awh, I sympathize, that always happens with my Dwarves... I have a more solid concept for Strigine than I usually do though AND I'm psyched to get shadow form, so so far I intend to stick with her. But as a lower priority. I'm not worried about getting her to 85 before Mists. /crosses fingers for revamp!

This is why you're my sistah from anothah mistah! Totally sympathize. Took a long time for me to realize what was going on in middle and high school.

As a bonus my in-laws are mostly pretty conservative. Yet I find myself able to be too conservative for liberal friends (not being a drinker or smoker freaks a lot of people out for some reason, even though I don't care if they do or not) and, of course, way too liberal for conservatives. :P Weeeee!

I... I kinda wanna make a Rou icon doing Issues jazz hands... Goblins have a jazz hands stance... it pleases me. <3

ANYwhos, I've not given up on Strigine even though I haven't been on her (or anyone really) in a few days. Things have been busy and I hold out hope that she will be the Dorf that sticks! She has so many qualities that I've wanted to play... we shall see.

I'm torn on how to spend my time when Mists drops! I want to lvl Rou and Tandava straight off, but those areas might be... well... insane. Svarga might be the smarter move! And I DO look forward to her a lot! Looking forward to Katchina too! XD

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Ok, Huldra might have been saved. I was thinking today and it hit me that she isn't a Bronzebeard primarily... she is a Wildhammer! So she is a Wildhammer, 1/4th Dark Iron (her Grandmother a particularly strong mage) and this makes her infinitely more interesting to me now. And it fits her namesake far more. \o/

And omg-
Yet I find myself able to be too conservative for liberal friends (not being a drinker or smoker freaks a lot of people out for some reason, even though I don't care if they do or not) and, of course, way too liberal for conservatives. [Tongue] Weeeee!


The fact that I only rarely drink, and never smoke seems to annoy people. Oh, and that I don't plan to have sex anytime soon, even though I don't care how other people go about it, that freaks people out. "But... why?!" "...Because I think it's a big thing and would prefer to have a incredibly steady and time-withstood relationship first as I am not good at casual-ness, personally?"

Yeah. And that's not even getting into political issues! XD

And doo eeet. Rou + Jazz hands = awesome!

Heh, I just got a image of Snuffit, Rou, and Brumley all doing Jazz Hands while a big speech bubble they all go "ISSUES!" 'cause lord knows they all have them. XD'

And I hope Strigine works out! Maybe her and Huldra will be our first dwarves that actually stick! /crosses fingers

And yeah, if the Jade Forest is how it was in Beta... Ufda. I'm definitely leveling Katchina first. O_o

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Oooh, Wildhammer! :D That's going to be an interesting journey for her as a mage!

C'mon Dorf ladies...!

Strig has so many qualities that I've wanted to play... She's a dwarf, a shadow priest, an older lady, Twilight Cultist association, white hair... I've got her in the tight braided bun right now, and I look forward to posting on her with that face of hers on the forums >:) Yet still someone I can relate to! Ah, shades of grey... how I lerve them... <3 Course she has these dang Gobs to contend with ;) Still, it's good that I've even got a little musical inspiration for Strig already!

Hmm... yeah, when I first rolled Svarga as a lvl one in the Beta, it was pretty quiet over there unlike the Panda and 85 areas. Your plan is probably best plan!

YES! I think people have this weirdness where they assume you're judging them when you choose not to do something that they do. Like it's some kind of implicit disapproval that puts them on the defensive? I dunno. But it ends up isolating people for no reason. I mean, as another example, I don't eat beef as a symbolic gesture of ahimsa (as I believe the literal interpretation is physically impossible, we kill things when we breathe!). This freaks out a surprising number of people. I assure them that it's fine to eat beef around me, I don't care, but they act like I'm judging them. But I'm not! Whatever others want to do is cool. Why is it a big deal to anybody what we do and don't do? *:| I just dunno. Everyone's different, everyone should do what works for them, what's the biggie!

Blarg! Too this, too that! Can't win! And yeah, politics are a whole nother can of worms. :B Especially in this political climate. How Brumley stays relatively sane entrenched in that stuff is very impressive to me! (and I only say relatively cause sanity is relative ;) )
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I know, right? Aaand she is now freakish enough to maintain my interest. XD

Huldra has the mother aspect, which I actually have been wanting to play for awhile. So... /fingers crossed. Plus, something about a women who has had a steady life but now finds herself going into a whole new one? That always interests me.

Yeah, do you remember trying to roll a goblin so soon after Cata release? XD I remember Sinkalip was my main leveler at first for that reason alone.

And I really need to watch Doctor Who... /goes to look for episodes

Exactly! It's all, look, what works for me will probably not work for you, so whatever! As long as you aren't legit hurting yourself or others, I'm not going to care. In fact, I might think it awesome, just not for me! It's soooo annoying, especially when people act hostile to your choices for no reason. I do find it interesting that I could be called a prude in one portion of society, and then be scolded for sexual immorality and being lusty in another though. Ah, people.


Oh man, I love Rou with Jazzhands! XD AWESOME. You must use that at every opportunity.

And yeah, I just... I try to tune politics out right now. Barring Obama turning out to be a evil alien from space, I'm voting for him, so it's not like I need to listen. I mean, seriously. /shudders

Glenn Beck at a rally... wonderful.

I am amazed that Brumley hasn't gone stark raving mad, to be perfectly honest.
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I would make Issues my sig if I didn't lerve having all my Wyrmies down there XD Or I will, anyways... Chrys's handsome visage will be replaced with Strig once I figure out a good pose... next time we're both on and I'm on her, I'll have to show you Mogit ideas! XD So torn on the shoulders, gah!

I've also learned that her ex-husband used to work on Golems in the Shadowforge Hall of Crafting! I need to take Rou down there sometime and get a refresher for more ideas. Starting a whole new life is an AWESOME theme and a wonderful way to explore a character.

LOL, yeah, I was too Gob obsessed to let that stop me! I'd be the same way with Naga. /shoulders others out of the way NAGA PLAYER COMIN THROUGH! XD But we'll see! The time of day etc will make a difference!

OMG, Doctor Who! Okay, here is my advice.... Start with an episode called Blink. I love it as an intro episode, it's the first one I ever saw and the Doctor is in it but only kinda, so you get to see things more from a normal person's point of view. After that, go back to the start of the 9th doctor and watch em in order. But Blink is a classic and no spoilers or anything (other than that the Doctor and his Companion are different, but that still doesn't spoiler anything!)

And yes, people and politics are crazy. I'm very middle road in that "If they're a politician, they are LYING. Just find the lesser evil, if possible, and vote for that one. Do not expect politicians to fart rainbows and do magical wonderful things. Just try to determine the lesser evil."

/hugs to Brumley, that brave brave crazy man

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Btw- I finally checked out Strigine's song. And wow, that fits... amazingly well. O_o /creeped out by video.

Very cultist, so very appropriate. I have got to listen to more of Gotye's stuff... As for Huldra, her music is going full on Celtic, which I am very pleased with. :3

Also, just went back and remembered to check Tandavas song.

TT_TT /wipes away legit tears. Ok, that song is going on my iPod. Gah, that song choked me up! /sniffles

Such a beautiful song, just wow. (Also, the main reason why I haven't gotten around to them is because I never seem to have my headphones around when I remember :P freakin family being home all the time now. XD)

The Old Ways, By Loreena Mckennit I feel adresses the passing of her Husband, when he went off to war and etc. Plus, her relationship with the land and magic.

The Hill of Thieves, by Cara Dillon fits her going out to war herself.

And finally The Cobbler's Daughter by Kate Rusby fits her usual mood, and a bit of her wild youth before she fell for her husband. ;) Though I don't think she is responsible for any deaths or a mother in prison! XD

And can't wait to see the mog! :D /needs to play around with Huldra
And oooh, that sounds awesome. I definitely get the feeling Huldra's husband was a Shaman, a very traditional Wildhammer. His family wasn't exactly pleased with the lad for going after the 1/4th Dark Iron. ;)

Heh, yeah, if the Pandaren faces get expanded I might be that way with them... /glares at Blizz. I just love their whole adventurers vibe. /sigh

And will do! /writes down episode

And yeah, that's how I am with politics. I mean, I sometimes believe the candidate is a decent person, but even then I know they won't be makin' miracles happen and will lie. It's like, politician 101. Just vote for the one who has a chance of making things better while lying his butt off.

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Bronte is brutally beautiful. I find it hard to listen to without tearing up, honestly.

And no worries on the when of listening to songs! It takes me a while sometimes too, but more due to poor time management skills *:| I... really need to work on that.

Love the Celtic stuff! Loreena Mckennit is always win. <3 Lovely stuff! And Mogging is always good inspiration!

I also figured out that Strig does jewelcrafting! It makes sense with the Golem connections! But... her casual RP set could REALLY use a pair of engineer goggles... :*( The one eyed one is perfect for a jewelcrafter! /starts goggles for everyone campaign!

I had a moment of panic the other day thinking about Strigine. Like a "omg, lore!" moment. Couldn't find ANYTHING on Dark Iron priests and was trying to figure out how faith magic works when, you know, lots of crisis of faith themed stuff going on. THEN I found Twilight Priestesses so, whew, it's not all Shammys and mages in the cult... And then it occurred to me while listening to that Gotye song that it seems in WoW that faith based magic is exactly that... faith in *something*. The Light, Loa, Gold, Ragnaros, Old Gods, something! And there's certain beliefs that Strig uses as a crutch/to keep her spells going. For example: the end of the world. Strigine isn't actively trying to help bring it about anymore, she doesn't want it to happen, but she still believes without a shadow of a doubt that it will happen. It's a messed up thing to have faith in, but that's where she's at.

You know, it's funny but... Despite everything, Deathwing, Kezan sinking, seeing Outland and everything... It's never really struck Roulette as a real possibility. Everything going under. Any real end of the world scenario. Huh!
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Hmmm.... I know there is this beholder you can kill in Shadowmoon Valley which drops a one-eye goggle that you don't need engineering for. I have been trying to track him for Trushul, but more because once he loses a eye I want the plate version so he has a casual engineering look for when he is not in battle/doing some serious engineering.

^Plate version that I want for Trushul, as there is no plate version in engineering. :(. < cloth version for Strigine?

Ooh, spiffy! Yeah, that is certainly interesting... I think most of my toons block it out because who wants to worry about the End of the World? Dzie'wanna probably has nightmares about it from time to time, I would think. Trushul has the grim knowledge that if it does happen, the Draenei will likely flee again, but I think he believes the Prophet's words that this world will be the final showdown. I think his long life has given him peace with that.

Huldra is definitely sucking me in now. She is just so motherly to everyone! She is also my first straight-up warrior, front-lines I realized. Dzie kinda works in the shadows and as a scout, Snuffit is 'Pffft, there's gold to dig up!' Higgle is a business woman first and foremost, Trushul a Engineer... Huldra will be my first soldier. Still working on her back story.. /looks for Dwarven timeline.