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Yep, that's him! XD Poor guy. The scrolls are worthless counterfeits, but that's some time consuming work! And time is money, friend!

Hell, why wait? Anukaar frequents Shatt and I like the idea of utilizing the forums here more like we have been. Outland boys! ;) Especially since it's easier to multitask and more cross faction flexibility... I think I've been spending more time here than in game lately! *:| Partially cause Comcast hates me though. It's easier to reload here than to be kicked every 3 minutes in game. /sigh Stupid internet. I have lvling and RPing to do!

Maybe different Back on Kezan: Placename threads?

<3 I love me some quotable movies...<3

You know what's funny is I bet Snuffit's last name sounds familiar to Rou but she hasn't really thought about why. Partially, I think, cause she doesn't want her own last name to be too familiar or to draw attention or remind Snuffit of any possible debts owed etc. Baz is proud to be a Kneebasher but Rou's got mixed feelings.

Generally, in game emote voices etc help me get a feel for it for the sounds. I don't hear enough Ethereals, but I know their accent is subtle! So not really worried about accent so much as just... his tone, I guess? But yeah! Body language is equally important!
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Ah, Anukaar. Your life will always be like gathering up scattered scrolls with Roulette around. <3

AND HELLZ YES. That would be a great way for me to RP Trushul while leveling, because I tend not to RP leveling toons much until about 70-ish. And yeah, I scatter my time about but it's nice to be able to get on the forums when I don't have enough time to get into the game, or want a little break. And I hope your internet stops being stupid.

And yes, sounds great! You can start a Casino one, and I can have Maxerie run The Goblin Green on here. :D

And yeah, I think Snuffit probably recognizes most people but hey, if she acted like she recognized them they might start thinking 'where do I know this person from....' and everything would be ruined. So shush!

And I know what you mean, the voice plays a big role a lot of the times. Though strangely, the number 1 issue for me with toons is their run. If their run is wrong, I just cannot play them. Makes sense as that is what I will be seeing for the first 20 levels, but still. It's why I cannot roll a male panda, their run is entirely too bouncy for me.

And I finally picked a name for Trushul's little sis! Saralakali, named after a Romani saint- Saint Sarah, or Sara-la-kali. It is believed her creation as a saint had something to do with Kali, so there is the nod to Indian heritage like with Trushul's name. \o/

I finally found the other songs that work for her and her upbringing, that helps me understand her. She is definitely more milataristic then Trushul, and seems to support the Alliance with a lot more ferocity, although this is more based on her fear of the orcs. As a child seeing them rip apart her home and kill friends and family has pretty much left her with nightmares that still wont fade. Trushul had a bit more defense built up in himself, and pretty much places all the blame at The Legion's feet.

Mehendi Rachi, which I linked before, I think is both her childhood before the genocide and the part of her that is unburdened by her issues.
Coyote by the Anthemeers, a song so obscure there is only a shoddy live performance on Youtube! \o/ But this definitely focuses on her nightmares and experiences with the Orcs.
Stolen Child, a poem put to music by Loreena Mckennit. It pretty much has Saralakali in a reflective state, trying to mesh together her past, present, and wondering where her future will go when fear is getting in the way.
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Svarga: But I'm so cool!

Me: Um, you've been a warrior of the Horde for how long? And have probably killed how many Allies?

Svarga: Heh, well ya got me there. 8)

Saralakali sounds like a sweetie who's going to be totally stressed out by Sniffit and her associates XD

And squee!! Maybe a Meanwhile in Outland thread! Hmm, how to start it... *rubs hands together* I'm the same way typically, my Gobs have been the exception. It's usually around cap that I start RPing in earnest. Course it will be FOREVER before I can RP Anukaar in earnest so yays for forum RP! Hehe, chasing scattered scrolls indeed... <3

Blast from the Past: The Golden Goggles Open RP will be started soon! Or some title like that.

You know, the female Troll run has always bothered me but I play them like crazy anywhos. Their /walk more than makes up for it. ;) The run has just always seemed awkward I guess! I love the femOrc run though. And of course Goblins. And male Draenei. ;D

Also, another Gotye song for Anukaar. The tone is slightly less SO him as Smoke and Mirrors, but the lyrics of Dig Your Own Hole is very him!
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XD Ah, poor Svarga.

And yes, Saralakali (although now I am thinking of changing the name because man is it a mouthful) will NOT. BE. HAPPY. She will support her brother, but she wont *like* it. ;)

Yesss, 'Meanwhile In the Outlands...' would be great! :D Also, hope springs eternal and so I am sketching out a idea for my Etherial Rogue. She will fall a bit into the femme fatal archetype, I think...And she will definitely have a love for drama.../goes off sketching.

I think the female troll run is so blad for me that it doesn't bother me? Compared to how stiff the female human run is, for example. And Male Draenei have a GREAT run. Female Draenei.../stares at wildly swinging hips.

Yeah, Trushul's sis will be wearing a long cape at all times.

Ooooh, me likey. Gotye has such a awesome voice. <3
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lol, the waggle! Yeah, female Draenei are beautiful but the way they walk and run is pretty awkward. I love the males whole jaunty confident bouncy thing! It's adorable! *huggles a Draenei*

Still... I hope there's some tweaking to the Troll run in the remodel! As well as Dwarves. I adore those two races and wanna see them be improve! Orc run works for me. ;) And walk. I love how athletic they look/move!

Squee Ethereals! I can totally see an Ethereal femme fatal! I'ma start a Meanwhile in Outland thing soon, just pondering how to start it. It kind of depends on who Anukaar is ripping off >_>

Ok... going to bed for reals now... oof, tomorrow's gonna hurt, lol.
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Yeah, it's just... /stares at hips

How do they not throw their hip out? :\ But the male Draenei is just so much fun in how they walk. Just... big blue teddy bear. 3( (Speaking of which- I had some random rp where a human girl started hitting on Trushul. She quickly learned that Trushul could not pick up on flirts and was the 'loves his job' type. Yes, I finally found ERP kryptonite! \o/).

And yes, I am so excited about the remodel! As long as they keep the original faces and just make them more high-poly and detailed. Add as many faces as you want, I just don't want my troll ladies face changed. And I hope with the remodels comes a dance studio.../crosses fingers

I SO want Katchina to do the male troll dance.

Scheherazade (or some variation of- I am leaning towards the Arabic Shahrazad) will be the name of my Ethereal, I believe. I love 1001 nights. Stairway to Heaven and Killer Queen will be her songs. The sly tone of each totally fits her. And though she likes 1920s music, she mostly likes instrumental pieces./nods

...She might make a appearance or two in the 'Meanwhile in outlands...' thread. >.>

Can't wait to see it when it starts! :D /so excited

And hope you had a lot of caffeine, oof!

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Got a few minutes between RL obligations! XD Actually wrote Outland stuff while waiting for my lady to finish choir practice, hehe! Typing it up now!

I've also decided to be more vague about Anukaar's class now though cause I'm torn. Mage is fun but I DO already have a mage... I've never rolled a priest and a Shadow Priest Ethereal could be freakin AMAZING. Also fun for possible kinda psychiatrist RP XD So... I'm not sure. Will focus on his professions for now!

And yeah, at this point, I'm thinking maybe that the more Humanoid face options are safe... I feel bad for the Tauren though. The way things are going for anthro races they'll end up with one doe face. >_>

Excellent songs for Scheherazade! Gah, love them both! <3 And the name!

Mwahaha, ERP spray! That's adorable! I had a similar experience with Sarpa but I play him up as straight up... dead. So... there's that. Most effective. ;D

And speaking of corpses, I realized yesterday that Bomzik was totally the kind of guy Rou went for back in the day! XD
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Going to check it out! :D

Yeah, the only reason I am sure about rogue is that really, I'm not feeling any of the races as a rogue right now. Maybe as a side character, but not as someone who I would want to RP. And him as a Shadow priest would be AWESOME (and give a Snuffit seal of approval).

And I really, really hope not. I will be so ticked! <Is hoping once remodels are done inspiration will strike for a Tauren Pally.

<3 I am loving her already. Gah, come on Burning Crusade expansion with Ethereals and Naga as the races! (No idea what I would roll for a Naga, but I is excited!)

I am curious though. As we are brainstorming now ahead of time, should Sheherazaede and Anukaar know each other? It would certainly be interesting... /thinks of the possible high jinks of a femme fatal thief and a socially awkward forger

Nothing turns a person off quicker than a awkward engineer type. ;D (There is also a bumper sticker that says 'I'm a physicist, flirt harder.' Which soooo fits him. Because seriously, dude cannot pick up on flirting. Luckily Snuffit is as obvious as a anvil to the face! "Our kids will be ADORABLE!")

And that totally makes sense! Bomzik is smooth, snazzy, and totally Rou's type from back then. XD I think Snuffit was too busy daydreaming of the perfect guy to have a real type in Kezan ('cause not many, if any, Goblin guys live up to Count Mcdreamy of Dreamville!).
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Actually, knowing her might save Anukaar a lot of trouble... as you'll see in Meanwhile in Outland XD

I know right?? I have no idea how a priest would work culturally though... *peruses Ethereal stuffs* /makes grabby fingers at Naga and Ethereals!

Funny, I was all bummed about it being Pandaren instead of those two, then briefly got excited about Pandas, then got over it, and went ahead and made up an Ethereal anyway, LOL.

Also... funniest obvious pick up line EVER. "OUR KIDS WILL BE ADORABLE!" XD Um... Snuff... I hate to bring this up but, eh... I'm not sure those kinds of genetics are possible... and if they were, Rou is terrified to think of how big a kid that would be for a Goblin to give birth to! :\
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Oooh, this should be fun! >:D We will see how it goes. /cackles

Yeah, what would Ethereals worship? Then again, what would Goblins worship (their connection to the light being tenuous at best, soooo). I think every race except Orcs have priests, so I would be surprised if they broke the trend.

Yeah, I am still very excited about the world of Pandaria, but with the current state of customization of the ladies I am just a lot less excited right now. I can't see them making a completely new area again though, simply because two in a row would be odd.

Oh god, now I am getting the image of Snuffit using that as her first pick-up line, right after 'Hey there, handsome!' (right after he saves her) and 'I have never been so alright in my life!' (when he asks her if she is well, as she was just attacked by monkeys). Que 'Our kids will be adorable!' and see one very confused Trushul. XD

And yeah, my brain kinda breaks just trying to think what a Draenei/Goblin crossbreed would look like. :\ When Trushul informs her of this impossibility, I think she would just shrug and go 'Oh, we can adopt! And they will be too cute!'
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The more I think about it the more I like priest. I've never played one past 20 cause of concept issues! Anukaar I have an investment in and it would fit as having been perhaps a priest/artist back on K'aresh cause of things like Illuminated manuscripts and religious sculture/art and so forth! So little is known about what their culture was like back then beyond their being very technological and magic savvy.

I can see art as having been a profitable skill back then maybe but now he just uses it to manufacture replacements for things he can sell on the Consortium black market. Cause he wouldn't sell a fake to a fellow Ethereal. Maybe other races though... But just basic concept wise, it fits. Plus cool ass spooky Weeping Angel priest gear XD

Gah, is MoP over yet? Ethereal/Naga lerve! 3(

Rou gives a thumbs up to adoption with the arm that Lumpy is gnawing on!
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Do eeeet. Snuffit will make a friend! Plus, as she is a inscriptionist as well, I believe they shall get along like a barn on fire. She will give him tips on enchanting the ink to make the illusion more believable. /nods

And yeah, can definitely see it! And K'aresh lore is so fascinating, at least what we get of it. I want to learn more about the Etherals! D: I get the feeling Shahrazad was a Merchant's daughter, and she often helped him with his business. When the world was destroyed she developed many skills, which led her to become a master at 'liberating' stuff. (I think her primary job is dodging into Legion controlled areas to grab precious artifacts left behind to sell back to their original race's owners, or to the Consortium.) Kinda like a less Archeology inclined Lara Croft.

And yes, the weeping angel gear is amazing. I is sad that it doesn't look quite as epic on a Goblin. T_T

And I know! I mean, I am excited about a lot of stuff in MoP, but Ethereals! Naga! (I am not sure what my Naga would be. I am leaning towards warrior like the Battle Maiden, but who knows. Need more lore about whatever group would split off.)

D'aww, Lumpy! And I decided that the fifth and youngest child will be a naga. /nods.
Three girls, two boys. The eldest a Bloodscalp troll who Higgle makes her protege and gives the business too (neither her or Natspy are really kid people, they are too busy traveling the world and being awesome in Business.), a Draenei boy and BE girl (the Draenei becomes a priest and scholar like mom, the BE becomes a warrior like dad. :D. She is a little hellion.) that are 'twins', a little Goblin girl who is the apple of her daddy's eye and becomes one of the first Goblin Paladins, and now a Naga baby. ^_^

...It makes me happy to think of their happily ever after, ok? I know my heart is going to be broken a couple times during this conflict. *:|
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So, I FINALLY figured out how being a eccentric engineer fit with him being a warrior.

You see, when Trushul cannot break through a problem or calculation, he gets angry. Very, very angry. His dear sis is used to random shouts and (in very extreme cases) stuff being thrown against the wall when he is dealing with a bad problem, much to her annoyance.

So, how does this fit with him being a warrior? Simple- he does his best fighting when he is stuck on a problem. He then pictures that the enemy he is fighting against IS that calculation/problem/etc, and proceeds to wail on them.

He usually has quite a few breakthroughs mid-battle, and it has become expected for him to carry a pen with him that when a lul in fighting happens, he pulls it out and sketches his ideas on any available surface. Like his arm, armor, any cloth or paper lying around, etc. XD
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Well then, all the more reason to be helpful, Anukaar figures! XD Noone wants a big angry Draenei on their hands!

I knew it! Snuffit: the Angelina Jolie of Goblins! /resists urge to do amusing photoshops >:)

Man, I hope we get Ethereals and that priests are an option! Cause I do love to roll a class I haven't before if I have an idea for it. Or lvl one I couldn't before because I didn't have the concept down and wasn't feelin it. An Ethereal Shadow Priest would be AMAZING and suit Anukaar nicely! Dem Absolution shoulders 3( I'm sure they'd get rogue. It would be unnatural for them not to!

Hmm... maybe that means my Naga'd be a Shammy? I'm tempted by a Dwarf Shammy depending on the remodel though... omg, if Naga got Druid I'd be all over that shit like nobody's business even alongside Tandava! XD But yeah, that mostly leaves Warrior, Pally, and Shammy for me. I have a warrior but she's off on her own... it's why I was thinking Pandaren warrior, cause I do miss Labrys, the crazy. And love Svarga's warriorness. Warriors are just cool! I have a hard time seeing myself successfully going Pally on any race though. I'm just not a paladin gal.

For the record though, my brother wants a Forsaken Paladin so he can go full Don Quixote with it XD
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Oh, he would be fine. In fact, it could be beneficial! Just get Anukaar to remind him of a particularly infuriating problem and send him in the direction of your enemies. ;D

And yeah, she really is. /le sigh
Snuffit, why so crazy girl? <3 And man, now I am curious as to what you had in my for photoshops. XD

And definitely agreed. I love rolling new classes, and it always makes me excited when a idea sticks for one. And they should hopefully get priests, considering the shadow side of things and how all of Alliance has priests. And those shoulders are amazing! Love 'em so much.

I find Warlocks and Paladins are impossible for me to roll right now. Two of the extremes, so it figures. XD The sad thing is that I love a lot of the concept of Paladins, and I adore Tirion as a lore character. Him and Eitrigg is one of my favorite friendships in-game. Them and Asric and Jadaar. <3

Warlocks, I love the pet aspect and the models for the demons, but heck if I can't play 'em. I think I just can't get over the ' do realize this will end with you eaten by a demon, right? Most likely? Are you so arrogant to think you are gonna be immune to that?' feeling I get. With Rou it works 'cause she is a crazy risk taker, but for my own characters I can't get over that. XP With Paladins so far all I have ended up with is bland, bland, and more bland.

Dude, I know it will probably never happen, but if Naga get paladins... SO rolling that! Otherwise I have my fingers crossed for the Tauren redux to inspire something. Or heck, maybe the dwarf redux will do it! /crosses fingers

And warriors are awesome. /nods

And oh god- a Don Quixote forsaken paladin would be AMAZING! XD
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Oh, nothin too clever, just photoshoppin Snuff's head on pics XD

You know, I never thought I'd have a Lock at lvl cap let alone as my main. Like... ever. My first toon ever was a Nelf Druid till the cheerleader animations drove me mad (around lvl 20). I've always thought of myself as a more nature/Hunter/Druid type. And I have had my fair share of Hunters! <3 Lerve them so hard... and Druids... So glad to have Tandava! She DOES lighten up, I swear! ;)

Dear lord, if I get a Naga Druid... I can't even tell you how much squee.... Just... omg... reptilian Druid forms... I'd die from joy, I really would XD SUCH a long shot though.... WIND SERPENT FLIGHT FORM! And RAWR! ... I can dream. 3(

But Locks? I'd always wanted to try one, my Mom was really enjoying hers and I thought that Succys were funny. Plus, I do like representin less represented classes or races. Hence my sadness at no Dwarf inspiration. But... till Goblins... I had nothin. When female Goblins were unveiled Rou just... took over. Unexpectedly. Grinning maniacally. <3 I love the weirdness. Who knew? I was SO SURE that a Troll Druid would be my main the second I heard about them! That'll learn me. ;) Goblins.... they will change your life!

Though my fondness for Raistlin over Caramon in the Dragonlance series should have been a clue. ;)

I've always been an underdog fan and never too into the traditional knight in shining armor thing. That's part of my Horde love. Alliance questing doesn't feel the same. I really can't imagine getting into a paladin (famous last words). Funny how priests feel more flexible than paladins do! Paladins feel so very... rigid in concept. That structure seems like part of the class. I dunno, maybe that's just me. Course, Rou has a crush on Gidwin Goldbraids so... I unno, lol!

I'm very curious to see how the Vanilla model revamp inspires!
#6225412 Jun 07, 2012 at 11:36 AM
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Yeah, I could tell Tandava had a lighter side with Sinkalip. I have a feeling that another hour around each other and she might be cracking jokes! And I think part of it for me that I realized is something Trix (I think) said- "Your toons are so weird." And I realized all my mains really are. They are not the typical class/race archetype. Sinkalip is a Druid who flirts with people to make them uncomfortable and rolls his eyes at meetings, with no respect for elders unless they fit his style. Dzie'wanna started off as a Troll exile who hung with Tauren, and is now a Orc orphan who has been raised the last couple of years by Trolls! Snuffit is, well, Snuffit. Higgle is actually serious about Shamanism (which for a Goblin...). Trushul is, well, Trushul (as you can tell). I mean, who the heck would look at a warrior type and go 'He needs to be a eccentric engineer'.

So I think with my concepts, although they make sense, they have to be left-of-center for me to stick with them. And I haven't found a way to make a sufficient left-of-center Warlock or Paladin yet. And I agree with the underdog aspect, I do adore the Horde for that reason. The Underdog and the Outcasts. I just realized that the reason I haven't hit upon a paladin yet is well, I love Joan of Arc. She is pretty much why I want to roll a Paladin (crusader of hope and faith who conquers unbeatable odds while flipping the bird to tradition? Yes please!). But it's hard to hit upon a Joan of Arc type when women fight alongside men so easily in the different forces that have paladins, so we don't have that natural underdog side to it. Maybe something will grab hold of me, because I know I want to try a warlock and a paladin, just none are sticking! D:

...Hmmmm, I wonder if a Naga Warlock or Paladin would work....


Would really love a Naga Paladin, actually. For one thing, the connection to the light would be odd, for another, the majority of the Naga women are spellcastors. So she could have stumbled upon some resistance that way (although not a lot, considering how well the Battlemaiden is respected). But I doubt they will get Paladins. :( /crosses fingers for Naga druids and paladins, since we both want the highly unlikely

But I know what you mean about taking over! If you asked me a month ago I would have said my Pandaren Monk would be part of my main team, but now my Troll Monk is taking over! It's always a surprise how these things work out. XD /loves toons
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Weird is good! And yeah... you never know! Sometimes I think I have a solid plan and it just... no. Other times I'm just throwin stuff out there to see what sticks and bam... Characters!

When Rou got her mild crush on Gidwin (she thinks he's just so freakin adorable, all grumpy and beardy and paladin pal-y) it made me really want to see a Lock/Paladin romance XD There's an underdog angle right there! Rou, somehow, is too practical to pursue one herself. Seems like it'd be just looking for trouble. Plus Horde side it's Tauren and Belves and she's like "Eeeehh.... let's be friends!" ;) Not her type.

A Naga paladin could fall under underdog, certainly! Course, I think a Naga splinter faction won't be able to help but be underdogs just by their lore alone, regardless of class!

Funnily enough my first main Kahani was a Troll Hunter who spent all her time around Tauren! Great minds, eh? ;)

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Good news! My Pandaren mage decided to hell with waiting for faces and barged in while I was listening to "Send me on my Way" on my way home from work. She will use one of the hairs that have been (most likely) moved to Barber Shop. The floppy bangs like you gave Tulsi work, though debating between the bun and the ponytail...

But yes, she will be wander lust personified.

And awww @Rou. XD Of course she would be practical about that of all things! And I know what you mean- originally I planned for Snuffit to get together with a Blood Elf down the line when I eventually rolled one, but she didn't really seem interested. Apparently he wasn't impractical enough for her. >.>

Hah, really? Great minds really do think alike! XD Something about Trolls and Tauren just go well together for me. I kinda hope that Katchina ends up with a Tauren for a boyfriend. She likes height. Really, she will pretty much be attracted to and willing to date any race Horde side except Goblins, Undead, and Elves. /nods
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Yay, that's awesome! I'm actually kinda glad my Pandaren inspiration faded so quick, cause now that I'm saving names for races that never be... well... space is precious. >_> And I do hope to roll a Dwarf at some point too!

In fact, I was thinking that I may not race change Kahani just yet afterall... cause with her type of pets, her name, the Zangarmarshness etc... She would actually make an *excellent* Naga! I love the Peltpeddle thing and the whole Goblin concept but, I dunno, it's really does fit to make my first main ever into the race I've wanted to play from day one... And I do already have two Goblins... Not 100% on this, but thinking. So, Anukaar and Kahani's spaces will likely be reserved for a long time to come :P Eventually I'll move Kahani over but she'll be OOC till I figure out what to do with her.

Trolls and Tauren really do seem to work! Kahani was with one of my other half's characters back when, a female Tauren warrior. <3 So cute!

And yeah, Svarga thinks Goblins are cute little buggers and all but... yeah. Not so much. LOL. Sounds like the Brewmasters have similar taste. ;)